Hiking & COVID-19

In this uncertain time as society comes to terms with the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we encourage people to still get outdoors (where possible, safe and appropriate). Hiking and walking outside is an excellent way to de-stress and to stay healthy! We urge you to hike while respecting the advice of public health officials. If you have questions about trail use, please ask government directly

Please note that most restrictions experienced in the last few years have been lifted as of early summer 2022. There are currently no COVID-19 specific restrictions that would be applicable to hiking or hiking groups/clubs. 

For those who want to take extra care, you could consider following the guidelines from back in March 2022.

Guided Hike COVID-19 Guidelines (updated Mar. 21, 2022)

Walking/Hiking Club Guidelines (updated Mar. 21, 2022)
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